About Me

Web Developer, Software Engineer and Project Manager in South Africa 🇿🇦 and Remote around UTC+2 ️

I am a web development manager covering web development, software engineer and project manager back from living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My interests range from Aviation to photography. I am also interested in travel, web technology.


Beyond Aviation, I also have interest in History, along the lines of Family Hertiage.

My IOT toy is a Raspberry PI using Docker to do flight tracking using the following method:
ADS-B Reception, Decoding & Sharing with Docker with some Portainer to keep tabs on it.

Also online, you can find some of my beta work Plane.ID, Stealth Bomber & The Aviation Society of Africa.

My Family tree (& DNA) can be view online via: MyHertiage | Ancestry | FamilyTreeDNA | FamilySearch


Via my CV/Resume & Skills Matrix.

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